Portfolio shoot

Basic makeup artistry. 3 months. 12 Saturdays. It all culminates into 7 looks. July 29, 2012. My Portfolio shoot.

I did my Folio shoot last year. Almost 8 months have passed. I remember beaming with pride as my mentor, Ron Maclang-Pena showed me my work, my hard work. It was hard to believe that in 9 hours I was able to complete all 7 looks.

Natural makeup by Ky Malupa

Natural Makeup

Model: Jiji Fontanilla, Mrs. Philippines-Universe 1st runner up 2012

Bridal makeup by Ky Malupa

Bridal Makeup

Model: Kit Padilla-Ilagan, Cabin crew Cebu Pacific


Male Avant Garde Makeup

Model: Marco Malupa, Supportive husband

Period makeup Bridgette Bardot by Ky Malupa

Period Makeup, Bridgette Bardot

Model: Jiji Fontanilla, Mrs. Philippines-Universe 1st runner up 2012


Glamour Makeup

Model: Camille Cruz, Professional Model

Avant Garde makeup by Ky Malupa

Avant Garde Makeup

Model: Steph Magali-Malibiran, Professional model

Circus peg makeup by Ky Malupa

Circus peg Makeup

Model: Erica Gana, Law Student


I love the feel of the brush in my hand. I love what the combined power of foundation and concealer can do to create a perfect canvas. I love the curled lashes which opens up the gates of a person’s soul. I love the perfectly imperfect set of eyebrows that defines each and every individual. I love how the lipstick provides subtle elegance. Simply put, I love makeup.

Need a makeup artist? Contact me.



About Ky Malupa

Housewife. Mother of 2 angels. Gluten free, dairy free, corn free baker and eater. SLE patient. Hair and Makeup Artist. Image Enhancement Instructor.
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One Response to Portfolio shoot

  1. Kim says:

    U have a gift! Great pictures. Lookin forward to seeing more awesome pictures at your website!

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