Our ME weekend. It’s been 2 years already?!?

2 years ago we finally joined the Marriage Enrichment weekend. It wasn’t our decision to attend, it was God’s. He laid out this perfect plan, and everything just fell into place.

Flashback time – – – Dec 2011.

Marco and I had been civilly married for 3 years. And every so often he would tell me about this ME weekend that he wanted us to join. We go to mass every Sunday, and I felt that that was enough, so each and every time he would ask me, he would get the same answer, a resounding No.

My family lives in Cali and I would visit them often. I’ve been doing it for a while now that I had developed a masta plan for that 16 hour flight. Once they announce boarding, I pop a Benadryl. It knocks me out for about 8 hours, I wake up and watch a movie, then go back to sleep again. This plan served me well for a number of flights. But on that Dec flight back to Manila I decided that I would take “my precious” once I had settled in on the plane.  Needless to say, things did not go the way I had planned.

I was seated beside this nice lady, her name was Myra. She was older than my mom. She started talking to me, about her job, about her parents, her kids.  I don’t really talk to strangers, but when she started to talk it was just soo sincere. Probably 3 hours after, the topic changed from her life to her married life, which led to her experience of the ME weekend. I don’t even remember what she told me, but I do remember that when I got out of NAIA Terminal 2, I hugged and kissed my husband and my first words to him were, Let’s join the ME!

We finally decided that we would join the February 2012 ME weekend. And once we did, we started fighting! We fought almost every day that January. It was horrible. We fought about absolutely everything! And if you know my husband, you would know that he is VERY patient with me and we don’t really fight much.

Fast forward to February 10, 2012- – –

Feb 10 was the 1st day of the 3 day ME weekend. I was coming home from a fashion show in QC. It was a Friday, I didn’t even think it possible for the drive back to Paranaque to be less than an hour. I wore heels the whole day and I was just really tired, my leg muscles were aching.

I remember meeting Marco in Yamaha along Aguirre Avenue at 5 pm, I was telling him that we won’t make it to BLD (the venue) on time. We were supposed to be there at 6pm. I even suggested that we just head home. He assured me that if we were super late we can always just go back home.

It was sooo traffic on the way. We were probably of the last few couples who arrived. After dinner we had some activities, and it went on until about 11:30 or 12. Before we could go up to rest they said that we had to be up tomorrow by 5 am. Freakin’ 5 am. You have got to be kiddin’ me.


2012-02 ME weekend

It was all a blur. We went up, got ready for bed, laid in bed and before I knew it this bell was already ringing. It wouldn’t stop ringing. That’s all it did for the longest time, ring. 5 am. Ugh. I lacked sleep, I was still tired, and my legs were throbbing even more. In short, I was not a happy camper. For the nTH time, I asked my husband if we could go home, and for the nTH time too, he said OK.

I don’t remember which happened first, breakfast or the Morning Prayer. But during the Morning Prayer, while the lights were off, I fell asleep. I woke up and heard the start of the healing prayer. I sat there listening to the prayer, rubbing my aching legs, and I remember saying “Lord, please heal my legs.” And just like that, a breeze passed underneath the table. I flexed my leg muscles, and there was no pain. I felt my hair stand up. I stopped moving my legs thinking that it must be a onetime thing, that when I flex it again the pain would be back. I had to check one more time. I flexed it again, and there was absolutely no pain!

It kinda freaked me out. He wanted us here. So we stayed. I tried to stay awake, but everyone who was there know I slept most of the time. 😛

Sunday morning they were telling us that our batch would be sponsoring the 2013 batch. That we would be organizing everything. One last time I appealed to my husband, “Wuuubbbbb, I don’t want to go back next year.” And again he told me, OK baby. (I think that was his plan all along, to just say yes to everything, leaving it up to God).

After breakfast a couple came up to us, they wanted to talk to us. I thought we were in trouble cause we haven’t been married in church yet. Lo and behold, again I was reminded that my plans are not His plans. They said that we were of the 6 couples who would be coordinators, Tito Rene and Tita Ann gave us a short explanation of what we had to do, all I heard was “YOU ARE COMING BACK NEXT YEAR FOR SURE.” I can be hard headed, but when it’s God straight up telling you what He wants to happen you don’t actually say no.

To present time – – – February 2, 2013 3:57 am.

Here I am still awake at 4:37 am. Later is the last day of the ME31 weekend. 2 days ago we helped welcome the ME31 candidates. We’re supposed to be back at BLD by 9am. Oh, I have to remember to set my alarm..

???????????????????????????????With Love, our shepherd Tita Ann, and Lui


Our ME29 family with the ME31 Spiritual Director, Father —

2 years ago we joined the ME weekend. And 2 years ago my life actually started. I wouldn’t trade that weekend for a trip anywhere in the world!  How perfectly He had planned that Myra and I would end up as seatmates on that flight back home. Myra was able to do what my husband of 3 years couldn’t. A complete stranger was able to encourage me to join the ME weekend! God used her to personally invite me and to open my heart. How great is our God!

Married life was OK before the weekend. It has become better after! How do you go back to normal when you can have it great?!? You just don’t. You move forward. You just say Yes to God, trusting Him, complete surrender.

Happy 2 year anniversary to our ME29 family. We love you guys and we will miss you sooo much!!!


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