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Size 4-6

The last time I checked, I was a size 0-2. I was recently in the mall trying on clothes when I discovered that my hips that bore a child to full term (4 years ago) wouldn’t fit in a 2, even … Continue reading

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Will Power’s day off

Yesterday was Sunday, May 25 2014. I woke up and decided that it was high time that I give Will Power the day off. Breakfast started great. My husband and I are based in Malaysia, and bacon here is pretty … Continue reading

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I have Lupus, so what?

An open letter: You don’t have to remind me. I know I have Lupus. I know I am “suppose” to have limitations. But in the past 6 years, that is what I have been trying to prove to myself, and … Continue reading

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May 10 is World Lupus Day

I am Ky Malupa and I have Lupus.  I’ve had Lupus ever since 2008, when I was 3 months pregnant with my first child  I’ve never tried to keep it a secret. I’ve always thought in this crazy head of … Continue reading

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