Marrying my Husband

My husband and I have been married for 5 years and 8 months

We initially did the civil wedding in 2008. Then in 2012, God swished his hand and said, “It’s time for you to get married in my house, with my blessing.” And so we did. March 9, 2012, I walked down the aisle of St. James the Great Parish as Mrs. Malupa, to marry my husband.

It was beautiful. We had 10 days to panic, plan and execute. Crazy right?!?

Even before all this planning started, dating back to our 2012 Marriage Enrichment 29 weekend, there was Tita Virgie. She is the shepherd of ME28 and God had tasked her to get us married in church. When she came to us with our baptismal documents and possible wedding dates, it was impossible to say “no” even though we had already planned for a 2014 church wedding . “How can you say no to God when He had already worked everything out?!” How she even got Marco’s baptismal record in less than a week from Cagayan de Oro is beyond me! Simply put, she is an angel.

I have always told Marco that I want to get married in a big church with big wooden doors, to walk down a long aisle, and to have someone sing “Ikaw Lamang” live. And being the favorite (we all are) of my Almighty Father, I got it all.

Next thing in the list was a wedding gown. I called Tito Nickky, my beloved Nanay in the fashion industry, if they had a gown that I could borrow. And as always, his answer was “Yes dear, come to the shop.” When he took that wedding gown off the rack I almost stopped breathing. It was the same gown I modeled for him in a bridal fashion show in Eastwood, almost 8 years ago. I loved that gown then, and I love it still. Tito Nickky and Tito Jonti didn’t just lend us the gown, they gave it to us as their wedding gift, something we will treasure forever.

DZT_4102My wedding gown, by Nickky and Jonti Martinez of Galatea.

Back to the list, 3rd was the makeup artist.

You have probably noticed by now that numbers 1 to 3 are things for me. And you will notice too that the rest of the stuff “we” decided on for our wedding were things that “I” wanted. Another reason why I love this guy so much!

I was pleasantly surprised that this makeup artist I’ve been eyeing was available for our date at such short notice. Lo and behold, 3 days before the wedding, she cancels on me. Panic mode! I call my good friend Jiji so I could whine. Well, well, well.. How great is our God?!? I mean like honestly, howwwww great is He?! Ji was in a makeup seminar for work at that exact moment! She was raving about the makeup artist and told me to visit his website. I typed it in, then music started playing, “Kissing” by Bliss. The hair at the back of my neck stood up. I closed the site. Typed it again and allowed it to load. Same music. Kissing. By Bliss.

Blast from the past — In 2004, I was in Albania representing the Philippines for Miss Globe International. Our long gown music was Kissing. And every rehearsal I would listen to this song feeling love in my heart. On pageant night I told my bestest friend in the pageant, Miss Slovakia, that someday, I will dance to this song in the beach, under the stars, with the man that I will love forever.

On my first date with Marco, he brought me to Intramuros, and he prepared a cd. Make a wild guess what was the first song in his “mix” cd.

Yep. Kissing.

Kissing by Bliss

The red light of the sun
Slowly descending
The sky is all I see
It’s never ending

We could fly
You and I
On a cloud
Kissing, kissing

The wind plays with the leaves
The weather turns colder
But as long as we believe
Love doesn’t get older

We could fly
You and I
On a cloud
Kissing, kissing

On a journey of the heart
There’s so much to see
And when the sky is dark
You’ll be right here, right here with me

Right here with me

Kissing, kissing
Kissing, kissing

A journey of the heart
A journey of the heart
A journey of the heart
A journey of the heart

I scheduled a trial makeup that same day. That is how I I met my fairy gorgeous mother, Toni Aviles.

B. Ky prep (14)

We decided to keep it small by just inviting family and our closest friends. We were very blessed that our loved ones were able to free up their schedule on a Friday to celebrate with us. We were able to keep our list to 30 people, 35 including the photographers and videographers from Imagination, salute to the amazingly talented group we got!


 Our wedding invitation.

March 9, 2012. I woke up at 4 am, hair and makeup started early for me, while Marco was snoring in the other room. I did my pre-wedding shoot while Marco was enjoying the Bellevue breakfast buffet. Hahaha, needless to say, we both started our wedding day perfectly, doing what we love!

B. Ky prep (28)


We also decided that it would be nice for the me, the bride, to drive myself to our wedding. It also had sentimental value for us since Tonky was the first car we bought together.

E. Ky in St. James (5)Driving Tonky to the church.

We didn’t find it necessary to hire a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner since I am able to plan things thoroughly. That is how Tones, my Man of Honor got stuck to be the coordinator on our wedding day. He did so much for us on that day that no material gift can ever compare to.

I remember Marco and I discussing the song that will be playing when I walk down the aisle. I have always wanted “Ikaw Lamang.” We were racking our brains for days thinking of a name. I remember telling Marco, “It’s just impossible that we don’t know anyone who can sing this song!” At the same time, we were also deciding who to ask to be our godparents. We wanted Titos and Titas who we are close to. Who are parts of our lives, past or present. Couples and individuals who we knew would light up our way in times of darkness. One of them were our marriage enrichment shepherds, Tito Rene and Tita Ann. Ding! Tito Rene! He can sing “Ikaw Lamang.” Tito Rene was part of the Minstrels, and his vocal range is just WOW! We invited them for coffee, asked them if they would be our godparents, and if Tito Rene could sing our for us. He said yes and he even offered to get a choir for the mass! Voila! Another check in our list!

Another gift from God was that my mom was even able to fly to Manila to attend our wedding! Although my dad and other sibs couldn’t come, I was more than happy to have my mom walk me down the aisle.

DZT_4810No flowers, no red carpet. Just me.


My husband waiting at the altar to marry me, again!

DZT_5054Monsi Venus was our Marriage Enrichment weekend priest. He officiated our wedding.

DZT_5077 DZT_5073 b


After two months of being boyfriend-girlfriend, we already knew we were soul mates. We bought wedding rings; had them engraved with our date and names; went to St. Jerome in Alabang, and in their little chapel, just God, Marco and I, we exchanged “I do’s.” We were crazy in love! We used the same wedding rings for our civil wedding. And the same pair for our church wedding.

A. The Wedding rings (3)

And for the best part, “Kissing.” We had already done it seriously at our civil wedding. This is how we actually smack kiss in real life. It may not be picture perfect, but it feels right.

DZT_5235 DZT_5249 DZT_5250 DZT_5252



The newly wed old couple Mr. & Mrs. Malupa.

DZT_5313 DZT_5441


We had our reception at Alba’s in Westgate Alabang. Just because we looovveeee Spanish food! We had a relaxed lunch. We did the wine and cake feeding for photo’s sake, but basically everyone just went back and forth the buffet table enjoying the spread.

DZT_5684 DZT_5689

We continue to celebrate our anniversary during our civil wedding, it just makes sense to us to celebrate the anniversary that has more years. But one thing I’ve learned from being married for 5 years is that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together. What matter is that you make every moment worth remembering.

In one of the meals during our Marriage Enrichment weekend, we got to sit with Tita Beth and Tito Jocel. Tita Beth started talking to me about the importance of being married in church. I remember smiling at her politely thinking to myself that these things don’t matter: I love Marco, he loves me, and God loves us. That’s enough for now. Was I wrong.. What I failed to realize then was that as God’s children, we didn’t go to Him to ask for His blessing, as we did to our own parents. It was as if we had eloped, and we disrespected Him by not telling Him. But great is our God that despite that, He continued to shower us with his love. And after getting married in church, in His house, with his blessing, awesome things just started happening for us, way beyond what we could have ever imagined..

And now, more photos!!!


Chatting with my sister Kylie, brother Kino and Dad who are in California.





C. Marco prep (72)BRG.


Tita Ann, Tita Boots, Tito Rene and Joey.


DZT_4943 DZT_4945

Our Moms and our Godparents.








Thank you to the SJRM Praise choir.


Thank you to the SJRM Praise choir.


DZT_5522 bWith my sister Kit and my Mom.

DZT_5499 bWith Marco’s brother Mike, sister Nikki and Mom.

DZT_5574 b

With my Man of Honor, Tones.


Yesu as proxy for his dad Tito Jess, and Tita Mengay. Godparents.


Tita Lulu.


Tita Ai and Tito Aris (could not attend), godparents. Erica my cousin.


Tita Bem, godparent.


Tita Yamin, godparent.


Tito Marvin, godparent.

DZT_5551 b

Tita Ann and Tito Rene, godparents.

 DZT_5542 b

My cousin Kuya Karlo and his wife, Cris.

DZT_5511 b

BRG. Mike, Fran, Nino, Tim, Fred.


Juay and Ria.


Dj and Ji.


Tones, and the Caytons- Gel, Geethree and Zac.


Imagination crew.


My sister Kit, Mama, Tito Marvin and Mack my brother in law.


LAI_3735 - b

I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow…

**Oh, and I never did get to dance with my guy under the stars to Kissing. Hint to Mr. Malupa the next time we go to the beach.


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