Honeymoon, Day 1 in New York, New York!

We’ve never had a real honeymoon. And after 5 years of being married we finally decided that it was about time we did!

Last July 5, 2014, Marco flew in from Kuala Lumpur to meet me in New York. We spent 11 glorious and tiring days in the East Coast exploring New York, Washington and a little bit of Virginia.

I went a few weeks ahead to New York to “find myself” only to remember after a couple of days that I would never be complete without him by my side. I know that I can be too dramatic at times. It’s a good thing that my husband has high tolerance for my drama.

Weeks before Marco arrived I had been obsessed with my “Honeymoon 2014 Excel file.” This contained an hour per hour, day by day genius and strategic planned itinerary of all the places we were going to see, visit, and eat in. And I am proud to say that we did it all, except for 1, to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. It just means we will be coming back to NY again!

Back to the excel file. I never showed it to Marco. I would tell him bits and pieces of the museums, and places we had to eat in, but he never saw that file. Why you dare ask? Because if he saw it he would object. It was packed! I kid you not! As early as 8 am til as late as 11 pm. Everyday. 11 days. I knew he was on leave from work and was hoping to get some down time, so if he even as so got a glance of that file, it would have been a long discussion. I actually had our best interest at heart preventing a fight from happening.

I have decided to do an 11 part series of our Honeymoon. I know that 11 is too much, but I have the worst memory ever and this will be something that I can go back to when husband drives me to crazy town. So here goes…

July 5, 2014. Honeymoon, Day 1.

Marco was suppose to arrive in the city from JFK by 10 am, so when he got there at around 1:30 pm, he messed up my morning plans. YES, it was his fault. 😉

Our first stop was Central Park. Actually, no, our first stop was…

IMG_8450Yep. He loves his bank!

To get to Central Park we took the train from Grand Central Station. Yes, we had to take some photos.

IMG_8451In the Grand Central Terminal main concourse.


“I want to see the world with you. I want to walk right beside you, hand in hand. Just you, only you.”


In the subway. Selfie here. Selfie there. Selfie everywhere!

1. See the Belvedere Castle in Central Park.


Follow the arrow. We got lost and had to turn. It’s not that easy to follow an arrow when the road divides into two. He said, “let’s take the road less travelled.” Surrreeeee… That’s an excellent idea, when the sun is this scorching hot.

The Belvedere Castle/Tower was built in 1869 as a lookout.


Artist playing the violin while doing the hula hoop. Multi-tasking at a whole new level!

???????????????????????????????Before entering the castle.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

View of Central Park from the 1st balcony.

???????????????????????????????We took 1 more flight of stairs up to the 2nd balcony.

2. Picnic in Central Park. I know it’s toooo cheesy, but I’ve always dreamt of doing this with Marco, and we finally did!

???????????????????????????????Our view from our picnic spot. That’s the Belvedere Castle up ahead.

IMG_8470 IMG_8476


I had to prop our camera on my bag to get this 1 decent shot, and SHE decides to walk in the frame at that exact moment! I know it’s not the best photo, but it was best out of the 7 we took.


For our lunch picnic I prepared salad, meatballs, pasta, and a couple of fruits. All of which you will not see in any of the photos. We gobbled them up right away.


Of all the cities I’ve been to I’d have to say that NYC is the most tourist friendly city in the world! New Yorkers actually offer to take your photo when they see you struggling to take a selfie with your camera.

On our way out of Central Park, we passed by Lewis Caroll’s Alice in Wonderland monument, presented to NYC by George and Margarita Delacorte Foundation in May 7, 1975. There was a line for a picture, mostly of kids.. Well.. We are kids at heart too!


Right across the Alice monument is the Water Conservatory where you can rent a model boat and navigate it. The Kerbs Boathouse Café and Central Park Sailboat Concession are at the park’s East side somewhere between 72nd and 75th street.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

3. Laduree, Madison Avenue between 70th and 71st street.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I had already tasted their macarons a few weeks before Marco arrived, and I knew I just had to bring him there! The line wasn’t so bad that afternoon, we probably waited less than 10 minutes.



We bought a couple of macarons. My personal favorite is the salted caramel. My mouth is watering thinking about it!


We also got this dessert, which we ate on a bench outside Central Park, East side.

??????????????????????????????? IMG_8480

4. The Plaza Hotel, 5th Avenue.

After that delish dessert, we walked down 5th Avenue to head to The Plaza Hotel. We saw the Plaza from our NYC trip in 2009 but we didn’t go inside. I was excited to go in and see where Eloise did her mischief! (Eloise at the Plaza).

???????????????????????????????Outside The Plaza Hotel..

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

..and inside. My gosh these Baccarat chandeliers. Absolutely divine!

5. The Apple Store in 5th Avenue.

???????????????????????????????Marco being a pro-samsung guy was not interested to go inside the Apple store.

6. Fao Schwarz. The store along 5th Avenue is the flagship store and has been open since 1862!


???????????????????????????????This stuffed tiger is $800+. Crayyyyzeeeeeyyy.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Inside the store.

7. Nike store in Madison Avenue.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

8. Trump Tower, 725 5th Avenue.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

By the time we got to this 5 star hotel we were soo tired that we had to take a a coffee break. Perfect time to bring out the Laduree macarons and have Marco sample them before I gobble them up!

IMG_8484 IMG_8486

9. Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue.


On display at the Rockefeller was Jeff Koon’s Split Rocker.


10. Lego Store.

???????????????????????????????I wanted to show my brother photos of the cool Lego models in this 5th Ave store.

11. Shopping! We stopped at Uniqlo, Zara, H&M and Mango on our way down 5th Avenue.


??????????????????????????????? IMG_8491

Randomness, I saw Topher in Zara, a batchmate from Manresa. I came up to say hello, he didn’t recognize me though. Wuby said it’s because I looked like a boy then. Hehehe!

Coming down 5th Avenue we passed by the Philippine Embassy. 😉

 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

???????????????????????????????Here I am risking my life to get a shot in NYC’s busy 5th Avenue. Marco must have been nervous cause this shot is blurred!


Anotherrrr amazing shot I took 😉

12. Dinner in Xi’an Famous Foods, 24 west 45th street.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I don’t remember what we ordered, but after a lonnggg day of walking, it hit the spot!

That was Day 1. I tried to map it out that we covered what needed to be seen in 5th Avenue in 1 day. It was very tiring especially for Marco who just got off a long flight from Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi, and Abu Dhabi to NY. Also with sitting in the airtrain, then the subway for more than two hours cause I gave him the wrong directions! I kinda blamed him early on in this post for being the reason why we started our day late, but actually it was my fault. Hehehe!

We had a good night’s sleep then we started Day 2..


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