Honeymoon, Day 2 in New York, New York!

July 6, 2014. Honeymoon, Day 2.

1. Take the train from Grand Central Terminal.

Day 2 started early with a trip to E. Houston street for breakfast. We took the subway, which costs $2.75 per ride. They have unlimited train Metro cards, $30 for 7 days and $112 for 30 days. Since we were headed to DC in a few days we decided to buy the 7 day unlimited card when we get back from that trip. Also, you don’t get charged if you do train transfers in the same station.

nightmapA part of the NYC MTA map.


2. Breakfast in Kat’z Deli at E. Houston street.

???????????????????????????????Kat’z Delicatessen

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Our good friends George and Alex were in the city a couple of months earlier and they recommended this diner. I checked it online and people were raving about their corned beef sandwich. Alex suggested though that we order the pastrami sandwich instead. When we saw the prices I nudged Marco, I was like “oh my gosh, $18.45 for a sandwich, plus tax!” We’lllllllll, best $18.45 spent on a sandwich ever! It was WOW. I think that’s the only way to describe it, WOW. If you are going for a vacation in the big apple, make sure you go to Kat’z Deli and order their pastrami sandwich. You will not regret it!


Marco and I decided to share one order cause this thing is bigger than my face!

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


??????????????????????????????? whenharrymetsally08-550x292

The 1989 film “When Harry met Sally” shot a scene in the diner. 


Leaving the diner, smiling Wubys with happy tummies.

When we got to the 2nd Avenue station it was empty. It was after all, still early on a Sunday morning. It took a while for our train to get there since trains don’t run as often as they do on weekdays. There was only 1 logical thing to do in a NYC subway station, where there are hardly any people to witness it…

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Ask husband to take photos of me, of course! What else is there to do with an opportunity like this!?! Hehehe!

“Have a frame worthy photo in a NYC subway station.” One more thing I get to cross out of my “Kyla’s Bakit list,” BAKIT HINDI???  Bakit in English is Why, and Bakit hindi translated is Why not. This is my version of the “bucket list”

3. Being it a Sunday, no 2 on our list for the day was to attend Mass.

???????????????????????????????The Church of Saint Agnes at East 43rd street.

4. Grand Central Terminal, Lunch at Shake Shack.


We scheduled to meet with Marco’s relatives for lunch and since none of them have tried Shake Shack’s burgers before (sacrilege!!!!), we decided to bring them there.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Left photo: Top- Marco and Tita Grace. Bottom- Tita Mik, Tito Joshua and Tita Becky.

Before Marco arrived I had already eaten there about 6 times. I love burgers, and I love a burger that’s cooked to perfection. A Shake Shack burger is $4.80, how can you go wrong?? Their burgers are 100% pure angus beef and damn, you can taste it in every bite!

There are 6 Shake Shack branches in New York City. In our trip in 2009 we ate at the one in Madison Square Park. They also have branches in other New York cities, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Washington. They have international branches too in the Middle East, United Kingdom, Turkey and Russia. Hopefully they open one soon in Manila or in Kuala Lumpur!

And if you wondering if I changed my outfit, the answer is, Yes I did. Those Aerosoles wedges were killing my feet! There were just bumps and lumps in all the wrong places. Too bad cause they looked great. And as they say, or I say anyway, if the footwear changes, so does the entire attire!

4.1. Grand Central Terminal main concourse, 89 East 42nd street.

We had passed through GCT on our 1st day but we didn’t really have time to roam around because we were on a picnic mission. After lunch with the relatives, Marco and I walked around the GCT main concourse. I love the hustle and bustle in that place. You see suits running to catch their trains, couples embraced in a passionate kiss, lost tourists shouting and pointing at their maps. You hear so many voices, so many languages. And if you sit on the stairs, they all become white noise, and I find it calming. Being in the concourse makes me feel at home. That I belong. Despite the fact that the people around me are all strangers. It’s also amazing how the grandness of that place gets me each and every time.

Fun fact, which is correct, Grand Central Depot, Station or Terminal? All 3 are correct. The building was originally built as the Grand Central Depot in 1871. They did renovations in 1901 and it’s name was changed to Grand Central Station. In 1913 they unveiled the new building and from then on they called it as the Grand Central Terminal.


“Everyone just passes me by, but it doesn’t matter because I am home.” 


“Close your eyes and listen to my voice. You will find me. Use your heart.”


5. The Magnolia Bakery, 401 Bleecker Street and W. 11th Street.

There is a Magnolia Bakery in the Grand Central Terminal, but I decided to bring Marco to the one in Bleecker Street because it’s near a park and I thought it would be nice to have dessert with the pigeons.

Early on I have tried their cupcakes and cakes. I didn’t enjoy their red velvet cupcake, probably because I make a kiss ass rv. You’ll know what I mean if you’ve tried Sweet Escape’s by Ky Malupa’s red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting (I used to have an online bakery in Manila). People online were raving about their banana pudding. I’ve never had pudding before so I decided that I will wait for Marco so if I don’t like it, it won’t go to waste. My husband is a human food disposal . He hates leftovers and finishes everything that I don’t, which is apparent in our waist lines. Hehehe!

IMG_8532 ???????????????????????????????

Buying our Magnolia’s Bakery’s banana pudding.


A lovely milestone in our life, sharing our 1st pudding. 

 ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Enjoying our banana pudding. A large order is $6.50, small is $5.50, and the mini is $3.50.


Dessert at the park with a pigeon. Check /.

6. Hudson River Park, 353 West street.

???????????????????????????????Walking to the Hudson River Park from Magnolia’s Bakery. Looks like the heat got to me. 😀

The Hudson River Park is a waterside park along the Hudson River. To the west you can see New Jersey, and to the south you get a good view of the Freedom Tower.


“One step at a time, hand in hand.”


The view of New Jersey’s business center.

???????????????????????????????The Freedom Tower.


When my crazy hair ruins what could have been an awesome shot!

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

We asked this random person to take our photo, he was so sweet to take another one framed right that we were not blocking the Freedom Tower.



Inside an apple in the big apple! Dedicated by the artist Stephan Weiss to NYC in 2000.

???????????????????????????????“I look beyond the horizon and all I see is you.” 


“Sit right next to me, that is all I need. You are all I need.”


Getting the Freedom Tower in the frame is not luck. It takes years of practice young Padawan.


Thank you goes out to another New Yorker who was willing to share a minute of his time!

Interesting tidbit. The person who took this photo is a doctor. He was walking with this lady, they were eating ice cream and laughing. Their body language seemed like they were on a “this-is-not-a-date” date. I asked the lady if she could take our photo, she said the guy should take it because he has steady hands, since he was a surgeon after all. After this awesome photo-taking-surgeon took our picture I asked him if he wanted their picture together, the guy willingly said yes handing his cellphone to Marco, and the girl starts laughing and walks away repeating “no” about 5 times. Another love story in the making? I hope they do end up together, they were in love. Missy was just in denial.

7. High Line Park, west side New York, NY.


The High Line Park is an old unused portion of the west side New York railroad.


You can see the old train tracks behind us.


 The park’s stretch is 1.45 miles planted with trees and plants.


View of Chelsea from the High Line Park. 


DSC08956 IMG_8551

Delish popsicles by People’s Pops.


Cooling off with a strawberry lemongrass popsicle at the High Line Park.

8. Chelsea, 9th Avenue.

We walked around Chelsea and we ended up at the Chelsea market to use their restrooms. We decided to spend some time there and wander around because it was soo nice and cool with the a/c blasted up.




“Why do you need a picture with that?” See baby, this is why. I do have a reason for everything. 😉

9. Pastry break at Le Pain Quotidien.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

I’ve seen a couple of Le Pain Quotidien branches in the city and I was really interested in their simplicity is the key outlook. Le Pain means bread in French, one of the few french words I remember from my quick phase of obsession with learning the language. I am a gluten free girl, but of course when on vacation, do as the vacationers do and try everything.

10. East River Park.


??????????????????????????????? IMG_8560

This park wasn’t as crowded as the Hudson River Park but I liked the other park better..

11. St. Mark’s Place, East Village.


??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

St. Mark’s Place is considered a cultural street in the East Village.

It was interesting walking around St. Mark’s Place with all the tattoo shops, bars, restaurants, and open front markets. Seeing all the tattoo places made me want to get a tattoo, if only I wasn’t such a coward! I guess this time fear saved the day.

12. Washington Square Park.


??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Engraved on the arc, “Let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair; the event is in the hand of God.” -Washington

One of my favorite series’, White Collar, has shot a number of scenes at the Washington Square Park. In my 2009 New York trip I remember coming here with my friend of 25 years, Ris. We came at midnight and the park was full! Musicians at every corner, people dancing randomly, and there was even a drum circle jam session happening at that time, which I loved! It was less crowded when Marco and I went there that day, probably because it was only 7:30 pm and it was a Sunday. I liked being there, it made me feel like I was in the actual set of White Collar!



We saw a lot of nice apartments walking from the Washington Square Park to the train station. Red bricks, black handrails, wooden doors and entry steps all appeal to me. I had an “aha” moment and asked my husband to sit on the steps so I could take his picture.


“You make everything perfect.”

13. Koreatown, Korea Way, NYC.

We made plans to meet Marco’s dad in Koreatown for dinner. We had originally wanted to eat in Woorjiip Authentic Korean Food but the line was too long and our tummies had no more patience to wait. We ended up in Food Gallery 23, a Korean food court. We got to order from different stalls and try out different vendors. It was good Korean food I have to say.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Korea Way


Dinner with Marco’s dad.

Before you look at the map below I beg you not to judge me. I never said I was a New York City subway whiz. I made a lot of mistakes, turned left when it was suppose to be a right to get to our next stop. Walked with my husband towards a direction, assuming we were going uptown when in fact we were headed downtown. I made a lot of mistakes, planning could only take me to a certain point, the rest was up to my navigational skills.. Cue you: “which you don’t have!” I know! I know! You don’t have to yell at me!

a. nyc map

Connect the dots.

I am a visual person. I need to see things laid out in front of me to fully understand. With this thought in mind, I wanted to share with you the crazy Day 2 map. You will see dots with numbers, those are our stops. If you scroll up in this post you will see that every numbered dot coincides with the stop we did. If you are too lazy to scroll all the way up just wait cause after this paragraph I have a short summary with how it really went down. Down andddd dirrrtteeeeyyyy!

1. We started with a train ride from GCT. We took the 4 downtown train to Bleecker St. This was a .9 mile walk, 19 minutes total.

2. Katz Deli. From the deli we walked to the 2nd Avenue station to take the B train, .2 miles, 5 minutes. We got off at Herald Square, changed to the R train, got off at Times Square, took the S train to GCT and walked to the church.

3. The Church of St. Agnes. We walked from the church to GCT.

4. GCT. GCT to our next stop we took the 6 train downtown. Got off at 14 st-Union Square, transferred to the L train, rode it all the way to 8th ave. Walked from that station to the bakery, .3 miles, 7 minutes.

5. Magnolia’s Bakery. From the bakery to the park we walked .5 miles, roughly 10 minutes.

6.Hudson River Park. To get to the next park we walked 23 minutes, that was 1.2 miles.

7. The High Line Park. We strolled the whole length of this park, 1.45 miles. I would say it took us 40 minutes cause we were enjoying the park. Chelsea was not a far, .3 miles.

8. Chelsea. Add another 10 minutes walk to our total to get to Le Pain, that’s .5 miles.

9. Le Pain Quotidien. From the bakeshop we did a short .3 mile walk to the 14th st station. Took the L train and got off at 1 ave. Walked 1.5 miles in 30 minutes.

10. East River Park. Getting to St. Marks took us 35 minutes to walk 1.7 miles.

11. St. Mark’s Place. It was a 16 minute walk from St. Marks to the our next stop, that’s .8 miles.

12. Washington Square Park. From the park we walked to the W 4 st Wash Square station, .09 miles which was less than 2 minutes to take the uptown F train to Herald Square. From there it was a very short walk to Koreatown.

13. Koreatown.

Total miles walked for Day 2: 9.74 miles

Total minutes of walking for Day 2: 211 minutes

Like I said, I am not an NYC subway expert. Now that I am looking at the mta map, I see where I went wrong. This is nothing though compared to what Marco made me bike in Washington! Wait til you read Day 6. Maybe then my commute fail will be forgiven.

As you already know, Day 2 was a  lot of walking, sweating, walking and some more sweating. We woke up after a good night’s sleep ready for Day 3…


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  1. Vicente Neffe Perez says:

    Wow! Full day! You guys went to a lot of places, and the food stops I would have loved to experience. Maybe next time Rudy and I are in NYC. Great narrative. Enjoyed reading it and seeing all the pictures.

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