Combing Things Into Perspective

I get my hair cut in Manila every 2 months, I will spend to go the Jing Monis’ salon in Bellevue because I trust my bangs to no one but Roger. I love my bangs, they are my babies. I feel that they are well worth the money I pay because they frame my face in the right way, and they help contour my cheeky cheeks.

Moving to Malaysia, I haven’t gone to a salon yet. I’ve looked at prices of hair cuts in Kuala Lumpur and no way am I spending that much just to have my bangs trimmed. No way! Rethinking this..

My last haircut was in August, my bangs have grown, they don’t help me anymore in trying to slash off a few millimeters of the extra fat. Sooo.. I asked my husband, “do you think I can cut my bangs?” He looked up from his computer -that was the mistake right there, he was busy with something and probably heard me say, do you think mumble mumble mumble. He answered me, “ya, I think so.” Do you see why it is his fault??? 😀

I got my hair scissors, wet my bangs, and that’s when the disaster started. I forgot that wet hair is flat hair, and when it dries out, it becomes shorter. Stupid, right? Plus, I don’t have hair cutting experience. Why did I think I could do it? Well my husband said I could, right? 😀 But in his defense, he does think I can do anything. Love you wub!

I felt horrible, I tried to pin it up but it was too short. Yes, there was crying involved in last night’s drama.

But an amazing thing happened this morning. I woke up to pee and I dreaded facing the mirror, but when I did, I didn’t see my bangs. I saw the rest of my hair. I thanked God that I have hair, falling hair is a sign of a lupus flare up and I’ve experienced it before.. It reminded me of something I read a while back that I try to remember all the time, “I  cried bcs I wanted new shoes, then I saw a man with no feet.” It puts things in perspective.



For some reason this song felt right.


About Ky Malupa

Housewife. Mother of 2 angels. Gluten free, dairy free, corn free baker and eater. SLE patient. Hair and Makeup Artist. Image Enhancement Instructor.
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