Open Faced Lettuce Mix

I loveeeee the Cheesecake Factory’s Thai Lettuce Wraps. Every time I am visiting with my family in California, never a miss, we always eat there. My mom and I will share on the lettuce wraps and 1 pasta dish, usually it’s the Evelyn’s Pasta. Now my mouth is watering.

cheesecake factory The Cheesecake Factory branch where we always go to. 

Anyway, missing the Thai Lettuce wraps, and having very few options in my frig, I decided that we were having open faced lettuce mix for dinner. Gluten free of course.


I like my ground beef with just garlic, salt and pepper. That way I can taste all the beefy goodness. Boy I love my meat. I used to be a fish and chicken kinda gal, but being married to my carnivorous of a husband for 6 years, I’ve learned to really appreciate red meat.

Cut me some red bell peppers, cubed some tomatoes, and julienned them carrots.

Boiled brown rice vermicelli noodles and zucchini.

I always use romaine for salads. Someone once told me that they are the best ones to buy cause they have the most nutrition. I never did research on it because I think highly of that person and I want to leave it at that. I don’t want him coming down from heaven and shouting at my ear when I grab that iceberg lettue “I SAID ROMAINE!”

For the dressing we just drizzled them with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper.

We got to play with dinner choosing what we wanted on our own open faced lettuce mix.

IMG_7222This is mine. I never took a photo of Marco’s “creation,” it was not picture worthy. 

We had some red wine with our dinner. Marco wouldn’t stop taking photos. Jeez.. You ask this guy to take 1 picture and he goes trigger happy mode.


Pardon the water bottles in the back and the massive appearance of my legs. Kali is begging for wine.


Kali passed out even before we finished eating. Such a lazy chocolate lapradog*.

I have more ideas in my head on how to level up this dish.. It was really good though, must make this again soon!

*lapradog – a labrador who weighs more than 25 kilos but has this delusion that she is as light as a lap dog.


About Ky Malupa

Housewife. Mother of 2 angels. Gluten free, dairy free, corn free baker and eater. SLE patient. Hair and Makeup Artist. Image Enhancement Instructor.
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