A Gluten Full Pastry Past

I can honestly say that I started baking at the age of 4. My mom bakes. She bakes a storm, she bakes a delicious storm. That is where I got my love of baking from, and cooking too. She is just wonderful in the kitchen. When she runs the show, it is a production! A 1 woman production. Everything happens all at the same time, rhythmically, perfectly.

She would let me sift at first, then came the bigger responsibility of measuring the ingredients, and finally, mixing. She taught me how to mix the flour into the batter, how to fold in the dry ingredients, basically, she taught me how to mix my batter into pure perfection. My mom taught me to pursue my goals head on with strong passion while keeping a clear head. And every time a recipe fails or a cake doesn’t rise, I pursue it until it is perfect.

Baking never took the reigns in my life. It was something I loved to do, and would do every now and then. In more events than 1, I can remember opting to buy from Goldilocks, Red Ribbon and Conti’s. It seemed more practical than bringing out the dusty mixer and the huge clean up after was not enticing at all.

2012 was the year that my online bakery was born. I decided to do it online for 1 very practical reason, I did not want to bake and and waste unsold cupcakes- which actually meant husband gulping it all down.

We decided to name it Sweet Escapes by Ky Malupa. Something sweet, it’s just suppose to be just an escape, to serve as a cheat meal, and everything is homemade in my kitchen by me. The name makes sense, right?

I started with selling cupcakes, it was what I knew best. I made cakes too but just for family consumption, which delighted Marco. My husband is a simple simple man. He is delighted by 3 simple things, games, food, and me.

IMG_0066My carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

Eventually, piping and frosting got me curios and “curioser,” and I enrolled in a basic piping class at the Sylvia Reynoso Gala Culinary. I found out that I have a knack for piping, I have steady hands, and my artistic side was challenged. AKA, I loved it! My instructor thought I was a teenager because of how steady my hands were.

After this course I braved enough to accept cake orders, and dessert tables.

My first dessert table was a “gift” for my sister and brother in law’s baby shower. I paid for everything, I baked everything, and I cleaned up everything. BUT, I was happy to do it! The saw it as an investment, a marketing a tool. I get to create stuff, people consume it, I am left with photos, and I got to practice my craft. Marco didn’t see it that way though, hehehe.. He gets to foot the bill 😉 I did say it was a “gift” right, a gift from Marco!

DSC01360Baby Shower dessert table by Sweet Escapes by Ky Malupa



My 1st try on coloring my batter.


When I figured out that marshmallow frosting cannot be mixed for too long. 

I tried hard to back track through my 2012-2014 clients. These are orders that I do remember at the top of my head.

IMG_0062I bought the flowers from Dough-it-All but arranging them all to fit was a challenge.

Lana’s baptismal dessert table. Butter cake with buttercream frosting, chocolate cupcakes with pink/white marshmallow frosting, chocolate fudge brownies, and chocolate cake balls. On the table too are marshmallows and candy cups.

Baptismal dessert table. Butter cake with buttercream frosting,

Wow. This was a major art attack. I know how to work with fondant, but I’m still at beginner’s level and since Tey, the client was ok with me working with cardboard, I made the goal with red cardboard paper.

Aria’s 1st Birthday Dessert table. Her marshmallow frosting smash cake.

Aria’s 1st Birthday Dessert table. Ron is my absolute best client. She has challenged me with ideas and pastry possibilities that I would never dare try on my own. Red Velvet lollicakes coated with white chocolate.


Halloween 2012, my bestest client, and close friend, Ron, challenged me yet again, to make her 2 dozens red velvet rats. RATS. They were super cute though. Red velvet balls dipped in chocolate, an itty bitty tail, almond ears, Hershey’s chocolate kisses for the face, and gold balls for eyes. So many fail rat pieces found their way into Marco’s tummy. I tried and tried, and I succeeded. 


Halloween 2013. I felt like crying after, I didn’t think I could make these in 6 dozens.

5 dozen Christening cupcakes for Pam’s baby boy.


Kaneth and JC’s son’s Christening cake.

Kaneth and JC’s cupcake giveaways.

Lily Cayton’s 1st Birthday cake.

Husband thinks I’ve gone a long way from piping frosting on cupcakes with 1 tip, to playing it up with my Wilton tips. I think so too.

Moving to Kuala Lumpur put a complete halt on my business. Hold ya horses, I ain’t blaming husband for this one! We have discovered that I am gluten and dairy intolerant, and I know that baking these gluten full goodies will surely spiral me down into eating them again.

I did do a cake last October 2014 for 1 of my few friends here in KL. Maybe this will be the start of Sweet Escapes by Ky Malupa in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe not. Whatever it may be, 1 thing I know fo sho, this is something I absolutely love doing.


I did this kneeling on the floor, for almost 2 hours (or more). It took longer than it normally would because I was still working on getting my groove on.


This has got to be the hardest cake I’ve done ever.  6 layers of rainbow butter cake inside covered with buttercream frosting. 

Step by step.

 IMG_9482 IMG_9500


About Ky Malupa

Housewife. Mother of 2 angels. Gluten free, dairy free, corn free baker and eater. SLE patient. Hair and Makeup Artist. Image Enhancement Instructor.
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  1. Pam says:

    Hi Ate Ky, Thanks again for the wonderful cupcakes of my little Andrei. 🙂

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