Checking in with Air Asia in KLIA2

Hus and I are celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary this March 9. He surprised me with tickets to follow him to India. Best gift ever! I hope he doesn’t think that these tickets exempt him from a shiny package with a bow on our anniversary date itself.

We got married twice, civilly and in the church. We celebrate both, it works out well for me. 😉

So, a few hours ago, I arrived in KLIA2 to check in for my flight.

The lady at the check in counter goes, “Where is the attachment? Where is the bar code?”

I answered, “That is all they sent me.” I showed her the email forwarded to me from the Indian Visa department.

email - for blog

She hands me back my passport and documents, “I can’t check you in.” PERIOD. With a straight face, not caring at all, not offering a solution.

Oh my goodness. Ohhhh myyyy goodness.

Slow clap for Ate. Slow clap for this thing they call “customer service.”

As you can imagine, my face changed from this 🙂 to >:/ this.

Thinking to myself, I ain’t taking that train back home. I’m sure husband got this surprise right. He’s smart. He got the documents right. Me – convincing myself.

I asked for the manager and she points me to right across the check in lobby.

The manager was also asking for a bar code. WHAT IS THIS BARCODE???

He vibered the Indian Visa department, I got checked in. I just had to write about this quick before the plane takes off. I just had to share it with y’all!

Oh to make this event even more ironic is that I checked in online, I just don’t have a printer at home. The only reason I went to the check in counter was to ask them to print it for me. All this could have been avoided.. *hint* to Mr, Malupa. A printer for an anniversary gift sounds prettttyyyyyy practical, don’t ya say? 🙂

image1 (2)


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