Celebrating 7 years of marriage in India, Day 1&2 in Pune, Maharashtra

India was our destination for our 7th year anniversary. I had no expectations of India, but I definitely went there with an open mind and an excited heart, and I absolutely loved it! LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

9 days in India. 9 days of colorful culture immersion. Everything was absolutely beautiful!

Starting with Day 1. February 25/26, 2015.

I took the late night flight to Hyderabad and met Marco at the airport at 11:15 pm. He flew to India a few days earlier for work.

IMG_1971After 4 hours and 20 mins, I arrived in the Hyderabad Rajiv Gandhi International Airport


And there was my Wuby waiting for me ❤

Waiting at the lounge. We had to wait 6 hours til our flight to Pune.

Arrived in Pune at 7:20 am

Pune Airport, Lohegaon

While waiting for our ride, I saw some Auto Rickshaws up ahead.

IMG_2015 IMG_2016
Selfie with Manong

IMG_2030 IMG_2043
Checked in at the Westin Pune, Koregaon Park. I am in love with this hotel! Beautiful hotel, amazing food, FANTASTIC customer service!

View of Pune from the Westin in Koregaon Park

View of Pune from the Westin in Koregaon Park

Saw this Brady Bunch on the way to the Phoenix Mall

I’ve gotten smarter over time when packing for our travels. For this trip I only brought with me 3 shirts, including the 1 I was already wearing. This justifies my “need” to shop, and at the same time, I have tons of space for my goodies when I fly back home, without going over the allowed baggage allowance.


First stop in Pune was the biggest mall in the area, Phoenix Market City. I was in search of kurtas, colorful ones, traditional ones, simple ones.

On the way home, instead of the taxi, the Auto Rickshaw seemed like a more exciting option. The driver was crazy, in 1 major intersection, he went go during a red light. And they all drove like this, he was not an exception.

IMG_2157 IMG_2159
Auto Ricksaw ride back to the hotel

This trip was my husband’s 3rd time to visit India. He loves to eat, and he’s never had a problem with the food. This time was different. On our first day in India he got food poisoning, the big bear fell hard. Poor baby.. He was up all night, in and out the bathroom, and he eventually developed a fever.. His exact words were, “I don’t want to eat anything ever again.” That didn’t last long though.. 😀

Day 2…

We woke up on February 27 completely exhausted. My husband had been up all night with his fever and bathroom episodes, and I had slept through the night, worrying about him in my sleep 😀 I did wake up a couple of times to check up on him, sponge bath him, and give him hydration salts.

His fever was gone when the sun came out, but you can imagine how drained he was. It was like he did a 42 km run, which he has never done before, hence, Mr. Dead Body.

At this point, he was still convinced that he “will never eat anything ever again,” so I enjoyed the breakfast buffet spread, alone on my table, facing the beautiful view of Pune, I’ll just have to be strong for the both of us..

IMG_2194I love dosa. I ate it everyday in the Westin. Somedays I even had 2 dosas!

We stayed in the hotel for the rest of the morning, and the afternoon. Late in the afternoon, Marco was feeling a lot better, so I figured that it was ok to leave him for a few hours. I guess 1 of the things I’ve learned after being married for 7 years is that “everything will be ok.” I’ve come to distinguish between the times that my husband  needs me by his side, and when he needs to deal with it alone. The important thing is that I was there for him when it was down and dirty, like literally man. LITERALLY.

So off to the mall I went. I had 2 stops, FabIndia and Inorbit Mall. I took the auto rickshaw, again. Yesterday’s near death experience did not scar me for life. I got up in that rickshaw and conquered my fear!

DSC09258Apparently, I have a restaurant here in Pune. Wrong spelling though..

DSC09279 DSC09282
Saw this cool dude riding his bike.

Hanged out with my childhood friend Ronald. We had some catching up to do.

IMG_2260 Guess what famous fast food chain this is.

Thought I’d take the auto for a spin on the way home.

*The fast food joint is KFC 😀


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