Life Lessons I’ve Learned

This year I turn 32. 5 months left. Another year older. Wow, where did time go???

I can still remember being 20, excited to be 21. Being 15, thinking, when will I have boobs, will I ever have boobs?!?

They say time flies when you are having fun. We’ll guess what, it still flies even if you are not having fun.

Don’t get me wrong, my 31 years have been glorious. I may not have worked through the corporate ladder, I may have lost 2 daughters, I  may have done things differently. I got pregnant-found out I have lupus-got married civilly while 8 months pregnant-gave birth to my first daughter-lost her-got married in the church for realz-got pregnant with my 2nd child-another child lost-moved to Malaysia w my husband. Up to now, I am still waiting for my husband to propose to me, *hint *hint.

We all have our stories, we all have our lives to live. My life’s events have a seemingly messed up order, but it’s my story, and that’s what makes it different, and special.

My husband and I like to cuddle and reminisce. We’ve been married for 7 year, together for 9. We’ve had our “when we were just starting out” stories, and we enjoy looking back, talking about them.

It is true that as you get “older” you get wiser. You are able to look back at your life and assess the things you have done, right or wrong.

31 years on earth, here are the life lessons that I have learned:

Clearly define your goals so when obstacles appear, you are able to get past them and move forward.


You will only get stressed about something if you don’t enjoy doing it. Life is short, do the things that make you happy, be with the person who makes you happy. Be happy.

???????????????????????????????Wayyyy too happy 😀

I’ve realized that no matter how old you get, whatever country you are at, there will be people who will like you more or like you less. Their opinion of you is none of your business. What matters is your opinion of yourself, know who you are- your worth and your value.

Photo by Christine Day Lorico

I’ve come to learn to chose my battles. If I am tired after dinner, the dishes can wait til the morning.


People are more important than things. Animals are more important than things. Do not allow yourself to get attached to material things. They mold, get dirty, get old. Love, respect and compassion will never wear out.

DSC07403 b
My family ❤

With all the makeup, perfume, clothes, and jewelry accessible to everyone anywhere in the world, eventually everyone just becomes beautiful physically. Don’t forget your inner beauty, your heart. What is not seen is more important.


Listen. Everyone has a story to tell, a lesson to share.

At the 2015 Thaipusam, Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The phrase “this too shall pass” is true. One day you will wake up and all the pain and hurt will be gone, but the memory lives on.

My husband with our daughter Caitlin..

Thank your God everyday for every blessing, big or small. Talk to Him, ask Him for help. He is just there, always waiting.



About Ky Malupa

Housewife. Mother of 2 angels. Gluten free, dairy free, corn free baker and eater. SLE patient. Hair and Makeup Artist. Image Enhancement Instructor.
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2 Responses to Life Lessons I’ve Learned

  1. Donna DA says:

    Hi kyla, I love reading your blog posts. All of them – your travels, kitchen adventures, living with SLE, married life, and lessons learned. I can relate to some of them. Thank you for sharing snippets of your blessed life. I hope to see you again soon. God bless you always.

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