GMOs and the butterfly “aha!” moment

I’ve always loved butterflies. They are just so beautiful, and their life story is even more beautiful. How they transform from a basic looking caterpillar, into something so breathtaking. Just absolutely amazing.

However, not all butterflies are THAT amazing.

In Lupus patients, there is such a thing that is called the “butterfly rash”. This is a tell-tale sign that spreads across the cheeks and bridge of the nose.

Sooooo… This. Is. Interesting.

I cooked Sindi Biryani for dinner last night.  I used a mix we bought in India last March.


Halfway through cooking it, I start itching. I had the steam on my face and I had tasted the dish, about half a tablespoon. Voila: rashes.

The mix promises no preservatives and no artificial food coloring. 2 of the main reasons why I horded a whole bunch home to Kuala Lumpur. It contains spices, maltodextrin, hydrolyzed soy protein, citric acid, cane sugar, canola oil, natural and artifical food flavor, and silicone dioxide (anticaking agent). One or more of these ingredients are the culprit. Now, to figure out which one.

IMG_0686 b

I know for a fact that I am ok with spices, cane sugar and canola oil. Moving on..

Maltodextrin – ugh. Big UGH. Apparently it comes from either corn, rice starch, wheat or potatoes. AKA, it is not gluten free. It is almost as bad as injesting High Fructose Corn syrup. Another UGH. Although it is not considered as sugar, it has a 120 glycemic index. Take note that table sugar has 65. (

Hydrolyzed soy protein. Ok, I just found out that those with wheat and soy allergies should avoid it. It is the company’s way of disguising monosodium glutamate, or MSG.

Citric Acid. All this time I thought that this was made out of lemons. Surprise, surprise. “Citric acid is produced using a mold, Aspergillus niger. The mold is grown in the presence of a carbohydrate like corn or sugar beets to produce citric acid.”

Natural and Artificial flavoring. “Basically, a natural flavor is one that’s derived from a plant or animal. An artificial flavor, on the other hand, does not come from a plant or animal source, and instead is generated from scratch. The first problem is that not everything that comes from a natural source is guaranteed to be good. Cyanide, for instance, can be extracted from bitter almonds, but I wouldn’t recommend eating it. Artificial flavors, meanwhile, aren’t intrinsically bad. On a scientific level, an artificially-made flavor compound is absolutely indistinguishable from the same compound derived from a natural source. Whether a flavoring’s source is natural or artificial ultimately doesn’t shed much light on what it is or whether it’s something you want in your food.” I read Simone Miller’s book, “The Zenbelly Cookbook” and there she says that it’s always best to buy food items with no ingredients label, meaning, you buy everything at it’s basic form. That is how you can tell that you are feeding your body with the right, clean stuff.

Silicone Dioxide. “Also known as silica. An oxide of the mineral silicon. It occurs naturally in quartz, sand, and amethyst. It’s used as an anticaking additive in foods, pharmaceutical drugs, and nutritional supplements. It’s not known to have negative side effects if it’s ingested in small quantities. However, if the powder is inhaled, it may accumulate in the lungs and cause damage to the tissues.” “If the powder is inhaled, it may cause tissue damage.” Hats off to you if that didn’t scare you.

It’s truly amazing how these big companies find ways to save on money, and how they name, rename all these GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). They are found everywhere, and their repercussions to our health is astounding.

Back to my butterfly story..

So after cooking dinner, and tasting a little bit of it, I started itching. I looked at the mirror, and there they were, rashes.

neutral-whyyyyy (1)http://www.barkposts-assets

Sitting at coffee bean last night, Marco looks at me, then he goes creepy mode, stares at me longer. Then he notices one thing that I never thought of. My food allergy rashes come out at the butterfly area! Oh. Em. G.

This foto is not suitable for very young audiences. Parental guidance is recommended. 😉


There really is a correlation to food choices and my lupus health. I believe that I am blessed to have an immediate reaction to unnecessary food options. I have no choice but to eat healthy. But for those of you who don’t get rashes at the smell, at the taste of these things, imagine how it is affecting your body, and you don’t even know it. Then one day..


If you love yourself, do yourself a favor. Read the labels, and think twice before buying them off the shelf. Something for all of us to think about..


About Ky Malupa

Housewife. Mother of 2 angels. Gluten free, dairy free, corn free baker and eater. SLE patient. Hair and Makeup Artist. Image Enhancement Instructor.
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