Celebrating 7 years of marriage in India, Day 7 In Hyderabad

We slept late, enjoyed the hotel bed, hotel tub, and the hotel pool. AKA, we enjoyed Westin Pune’s facilities 1 more day. We left for the airport early in the evening for our flight to Hyderabad.

Something very interesting that I remember at the “bag x-ray machine” in the Pune airport. There was a guy ahead of us, he got pulled aside so they could go through his bag after the scanner. When I say “go through” his bag, what I mean is, so they could throw his stuff out and toss it around. As the guard picked up a ziplock bag with powdery substance, he asked the passenger, “what is this?” he answered, it’s my mother’s ash. Guard answered, “ok.” And tossed it to the side. Tossed it. ?!?! I mean, camannnnn, I know they weren’t big on smiling, but to toss aside someone’s dead mother’s ashes?  Wild.. I looked at the guy and gave him my condolences, he said thank you with a polite smile. As he walked away, he stuffed  his things back in his bag, he took one last look at the guard who was now preoccupied “checking” another passenger’s bag, he muttered under his breath, “asshole.” Marco and I were thinking the same thing..

The flight to Hyderabad was a quick 1 hour 50 minute flight. We arrived at 9:25 pm, and within 30 minutes we were at the hotel. We checked in at the Red fox, a couple, couple, coupleeeee notches down compared to the Westin Pune Koregaon Park Hotel.


DSC00645 DSC00647
But honestly, it wasn’t a bad hotel. I will miss the tub though..

Since we had that quick nap in the plane, we were up for some exploring and walked the streets of Hyderabad at 10 pm. We are, after all,  made of steel. Or so we thought anyway.

Walking the streets of Hyderabad

DSC00674 DSC00676
We haven’t had dinner yet so we decided to cross off one restaurant from our list, The Paradise, which we heard had one of the best Biryani in town. 

DSC00666 DSC00669

DSC00667 DSC00664
Unfortunately, when we get there they were closing up.

They did let us do a take away!
We decided to continue walking..

And take more fotos..

DSC00688 DSC00691
Much to my delight, we ended up in a Night Bazaar!

Making husband lambing so he’ll buy me something 😉

DSC00695 DSC00696

DSC00698 DSC00704
Wuby took me shawl shopping, and we got some lessons from the store owner about handmade shawls and pashminas.


DSC00707 DSC00708
We also learned how to know if it’s the good kind of Saffron. 

You put it at the tip of your tongue for a few seconds and suck on it.  If it stains yellow, then that’s when you know that it’s the real deal. If it stains red, it’s the colored one, meaning, you got ripped off!

Saffron is one the most expensive spices on earth. It is used in paella, risotto, and also makes for healthy tea. The store owner said that in Jaipur, they put saffron in their tea because it warms the body. They also give this tea to pregnant women.

A little tip on cooking with saffron. “Let it sit in a little warm water first to draw out the golden color. Also, adding it later on in cooking gives the dish more flavor.”  www.robinskey.com

To  make tea, place 3-4 strands of saffron in warm water for 10 minutes. Pour hot water, and add a little honey.

DSC00711 DSC00713
The store owner made us this delicious tea that they drink in Jaipur, where he was originally from. 

DSC00714 DSC00715
Took some shots with the store owner (wearing the long sleeves), and his cousins, who were also from the Pink City.

After burning a whole through Marco’s wallet, we decided to make our way back to the hotel.

DSC00723 DSC00724
Ahhh.. Paradise’s Mutton Biryani.. Even until now I dream about it..

He took a split second pause from chewing to let me take this shot. ❤ 

Excited to see Hyderabad tom!


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  1. Congratulations on 7 years. I just wrote a post about the importance of savouring the time we have. Enjoy your trip.


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