Wicked was Wicked!!!

The moment I found out that we were staying in London for a couple of weeks, I told husband that I only have 2 requests, to watch the musical, Wicked, and go to the Harry Potter studio.

He said “Yes” to both ❤

Looking at tickets took a while. I went through a lot of blogs to find out where the good seats were. Eventually, we ended up buying tickets a month after – 2 seats at the Stalls. Booking them a month ahead gave us the freedom to choose the seats we wanted at a very good price. I just had to wait, patiently, which is not my strong suit.

Apollo victoria theatre seating planThe Apollo Victoria Theatre seating plan

August 28 came, the day I was finally going to be able to watch Wicked! During vacations in New York, I have always been tempted to watch the musical, alone. But hus would always tell me, “we’ll watch it together in London.” We never had concrete plans to vacation in London so I never thought this day would come.

We took the tube and did our transfers, and finally emerged out of the Victoria Station.


We asked around and found our way out to the theatre.

At this point, I was already grinning from ear to ear.


The musical was at 7:30 pm, we got there 30 minutes early.

IMG_5903 IMG_5920
Wubys at the Apollo Victoria Theatre to watch Wicked

Finallyyyy it was time to go in.

IMG_5930 IMG_5931
The stage ❤


To give you a little background on the musical, Wicked is “The untold story of The Wizard of Oz’s Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good… before Dorothy dropped in. Based on the imaginative Gregory Maguire novel, Wicked takes a fantasy journey through the unseen side of Oz, sharing a tale of unexpected friendship and love.” –http://www.broadway.com/shows/wicked/

“Wicked has broken box office records and has won more than 100 international awards. It is one of the top musicals to watch.” -Londontown.com. It has been acclaimed as “one of the greatest musicals of our time.”

I was mesmerized! They were all amazing on stage, they performed with so much passion. Their costumes were colorful and breathtaking. The stage was incredible. The story was beautiful. The show was unbelievable!!!

The first set introduced Elphaba, the Wicked Witch and Glinda, the “Good” Witch.

It showed a big difference between the two characters.

With Elphaba, it explained where she was from- why she had green skin, and the kind of family she had. It showed how she battled bullying because of her skin color, and how she stayed true to herself despite all the jokes and ridicule.

And with Glinda, it showed that she was a good person but that she was superficial, and she would use her beauty and popularity to get things to go her way.

The two girls eventually become best friends, despite their differences while studying at Shiz University.

The first half of the show ended with the song Defying Gravity, which gave me goose bumps!

There was a 15 minute intermission. Marco and I sat there discussing how WOW everything was!

IMG_5935 IMG_5934
Intermission also means wubys foto time 😀

The second set was as breathtaking as the first. It was cool how the stories of the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Lion and the flying monkeys were weaved in.

Wicked ran for 2 hours and a half, I never wanted it to end! ❤ 4 thumbs up from the wubys, Wicked was absolutely Wicked!!!


*Thought you might be interested to listen to the song, Defying Gravity. Here is one by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth performed at the 2006 Tony awards.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3g4ekwTd6Ig

Edited by my 15 year old sister, Kylie. Lol. Thanks ❤


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