CNY 2016 beach weekend at Cherating, Malaysia

We spent our Chinese New Year 2016 weekend at Cherating in Pahang, Malaysia.

We  found out about Ruby’s Resort late last year from our friend, Mel. Ever since, we have been itching to take that 3 hour drive with Kali beary. It was still monsoon season though, so we had to wait days and months. And finally, with CNY holiday being a 4 day weekend, we booked for Ruby’s with our friends, Nicole and Fernando- fellow Kali beary and dog lovers.

Paranoid about getting stuck in CNY weekend traffic, we set out for Ruby’s at 5 am on Saturday morning. It was no surprise that we took the wrong turn to the freeway. The Kuala Lumpur roads are crazy, this is why I never drive outside KL. We got rerouted and after 15 minutes, we were back at Jalan Ampang, which is 5 minutes away from our apartment. It was a blessing in disguise though, waze routed us to the back road and we arrived in Cherating at 9 am, total driving time of 3 hours 30 minutes. Not bad at all, considering that a family from our neighborhood arrived a few hours after us, saying that they drove for 5 hours because of the traffic in the highway.

map kl to cherating
The map of the drive from KL to Cherating.

We found Cherating to be beautiful. The beach is clean, fine sand, and the best part was that it was not crowded.



Ruby’s resort is set on a 4 hectare land and she has all kinds of animals. She is the only resort in Cherating that allows dogs as she has a whole pack of her own. During our weekend stay, we also met a lot of dogs and their owners who were vacationing, and we made new amazing friends.

Ruby invited us to celebrate Chinese New Year Eve dinner with her and her friends. We had hot pot, and afterwards, we joined in on the Yee Sang tradition, which is the prosperity toss.


Tossing the Yee Sang

Celebrated CNY2016 with our buddies Nicole and Fernando

I am in labrador heaven

Yee Sang is a dish made up of shredded colorful vegetables and raw fish is usually served as an appetizer before lunch or dinner and everyone will say loudly their auspicious wishes while tossing the Yee sang so that their wishes would be heard and fulfilled.

We had a very relaxing weekend.. We can’t wait for our next trip to Cherating! ❤

IMG_6034 IMG_6047
These 2 jumped in the minute we got to Cherating

IMG_6092 IMG_6101
Kali and I with Princess (golden retriever) and Stout (the black lab), Ruby’s babies

Wubys in Cherating ❤

Feeling the wind in her.. ears? 😀


Oli and Utan came over to say Hi.
Look at my Kali’s face, hehehe “But I don’t want to share my mommy!” IMG_6385 IMG_6338
With my super duper happy Kali ❤

Wubys ❤

Just me and my Kali beary, thanks wubs for these awesome shots ❤



My babies



Wubys ❤

IMG_6688 IMG_6702
Fernando and Marco decided that they were going to build a fire. And they did!

Bonding time with this beautiful mama sita, Nicole, while the crazy husbands let out the pyromaniacs within them


With Ruby, the owner of Ruby’s Resort in Cherating

She slept so soundly for the 3 hour drive back home


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