Venice, The Lagoon City of Italy

So it happened. Like a dream, we woke up and we had landed in the Venice Marco Polo Airport, IN ITALY!

We have been wanting to visit Europe since forever, but sometimes, you need a little push to take that 1st step. Our friend was getting married in the south of Italy, and if that’s not an enticing reason, I don’t know what is. ;P

After 2 flight legs, 3 airports, and 14 hours of flying, we were in Europe.

From the Venice airport, we took a detour to Noventa di Piave, where, on a massive piece of land you will find 158-stores. The Noventa di Piave Outlet Mall.

We took the bus, and when we reached our bus stop in Noventa di Piave, we got our bags from the luggage compartment. With a few English words, the bus driver told us that it was a 10 minute walk to our hotel. We thanked him and waved good bye as the bus drove away.

Not even 3 seconds on the road, the bus stops, the driver comes down, and ushers and helps Marco put our bags back into the luggage compartment. He motioned for us to get back in the bus with Italian words and hand signals.

THIS is why we love travelling. We meet extraordinary individuals in ordinary situations. The bus driver dropped us off at the corner street of our hotel, which is not a bus stop.

And from the looks of it, that walk from the bus stop to the hotel, that we dogged by luck, did NOT seem like an easy 10-minute walk.

Noventa di Piave Outlet Mall

After 2 days in the Outlet Mall, yes, 2 glorious days, we took the train to Venice. We were finally headed to the Lagoon City of Italy!

“If I were not King of France, I would choose to be a citizen of Venice.” 
-Henry III

Venice is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!

The city is world-famous for its canals. The islands are connected by about 400 bridges, on an archipelago of 118 islands in a shallow lagoon, and it has 150 canals. To get around, you need to go by water, or on foot.

Day 1 – 

After checking in, we headed to Piazza San Marco to attend mass at the Basilica.

The Piazza is the heart of the city. In the square, the cathedral of Venice can be found, the magnificent Basilica di San Marco.

Piazza San Marco and Basilica di San Marco.

We attended Sunday mass in Latin at the Basilica.

We ended our day with a delicious dinner at Enoteca Al Volto in Calle Cavalli.

Oh, and let’s not forget that wonderful bottle of wine
from a vineyard just 10 kms away.

Day 2 –

To better maneuver the city, we rode the
vaporetto, the water bus.


The Bridge of Sighs, built in 1600.

The oldest bridge in the Grand canal, the Rialto Bridge.

Gondola ride along Venice’s Grand Canal.

“The gondola is a traditional, flat-bottomed Venetian rowing boat.
It is propelled by a gondolier, who uses a rowing oar.” Wikipedia

Made new friends, Jamilya and Emril.

Venezia, beautiful during the day, breathtaking at night.

Day 3 – 

We started our day with whetting our appetites at the Rialto Market.

Then lunch at Osteria Alla Ciurma, a fantastic cicchetteria.

After lunch, we walked around and found ourselves by the Grand Canal.

Is this shot awesome, or what?!

Coffee o’clock.

Met these wonderful guys of Ristorante Agli Alboretti,
Chef Mauro and Nicolo.

Ended back in Piazza San Marco, where our tour of Venice began.

The best thing about walking around the streets of Venice was getting lost with my love,
and finding the most beautiful of views.

Day 4 – 

On the 4th day, we left Venezia with heavy hearts..

But before that, 1 more photo please 😉

Good bye Venice..
Bari, here we come!








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2 Responses to Venice, The Lagoon City of Italy

  1. Jennifaye says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful couple captured from a beautiful place. Venice is super dreamy. Parang postcard. Love it!

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