Off the beaten path, Bari

After 3 glorious days in Venice, walking nonstop, and of course, me bitching about it, we were off to Bari. It is a city in the region of Puglia, located at the southern part of Italy, known as the heel of the Italian “boot”.

Headed to Bari.

If it wasn’t for a friend’s wedding, we would have never thought of visiting, or even google Bari. In the end, we were very thankful that we got to visit the South of Italy.

After a 1 hour and 15 minute flight from Venice, we arrived at the Karol Wojtyla Airport in Bari.

We took a train ride from the airport to Bari Centrale, and then switched to another train bound for Molfetta.

When hus and I travel, we like to book via “Airbnb” for a few good reasons. But the two main ones are that- we love to eat and we travel on a budget.

We find that booking through airbnb gives us the host’s local insight on great restaurants in that area.

We booked this amazing place in Molfetta. The only problem was that the elevator only went up to the 2nd floor. We (husband) had to carry 4 bags up 2 flights of stairs, NARROW SPIRAL STAIRS. ūüėÄ

But once we got up to the penthouse and saw the view, our jaws dropped, and the spiral stairs struggle was instantly forgiven – everything in the world was right again.

Hello Molfetta ‚̧

Day 1 –

After we checked in, and had an enjoyable “google translate app” conversation with our airbnb host, we set out to find a dinner place.

Tired and hungry, we decided to eat in Mezzopieno, and we both ordered pasta. We also got a bottle of Chardonnay from their region, Puglia.

The pasta was really good, but we’ve already been spoiled. It’s not a meal without pizza! And because we are vacation-glutton-bastards, we ordered a box of pizza, to go.

Drunk, full and happy.

We ate that whole pizza, that same night. All of it.

Day 2 –

Our wonderful host, Mariantoniettta had breakfast ready for us.
She even made freshly baked lemon cake.

After breakfast, we walked around the beautiful city of Molfetta.

After passing through a random street, we saw a group of men who started talking to us. They told us to go in a building, and go up to the 3rd floor, all of this through hand signals, Italian words that we did not understand, and broken English. Being the curious couple that we are, we did as we were told. We went in the building, and up the stairs.

At the top, we found this AMAZING view.

The Gulf of Manfredonia.

Thank God we are nosy!

Continuing our walk, we ended up at La Rosa Marina, a restaurant by the water.

This was our lunch view ‚̧

Feet rested and tummies full, we continued exploring..

Crazy Asian on the loose.

After a few kilometers of walking, we headed to the XO bar to get a table.

It was after all, wine o’clock.

We headed back to the pier after drinking to our heart’s content.

The sun was starting to set, and the view was just beautiful..


We passed these men selling freshly caught seafood,
and Marco bought 1 kilo of shrimps for 4 euros.

We loved Mezzopieno’s pizza so we ordered 2 boxes,
cooked the shrimps at the airbnb, and we inhaled it all down.
(FYI, 1 box of Pizza Margherita was like 6 euros.)

Day 3 –

We got up bright and early to attend pre-wedding events at Calendano- a bachelorette party for the bride that was to be followed by a barbecue in the evening for all their wedding guests.

At Cindy’s bachelorette party.

Our team playing “toilet paper wedding dress,”

and we won!

The bridal shower party.

Filipinos representttt at the bride and groom’s barbecue party.
Top row: Grace, Joel
2nd row: Bry (brother of the bride), someone’s super cute baby,
Cindy (the bride),
Berna, Giz, Dada (sister of the bride)
Bottom row: Me and hus

We are meat lovers, so this was absolute heaven!

With Berna, and Bry ,who is the brother of the bride.

Bry is actually the reason why we ended up in Italy, attending his sister’s wedding.

Let me give you a little back story..

We met Bry in Kuala Lumpur last December, when we attended our friend, Win’s wedding. He was seated right next to me, and we just clicked. From being strangers, we instantly became the 2 noisy Filipinos in that wedding reception, catching up like we were old time friends!

Win and Einar’s wedding in Kuala Lumpur, December 2016.
Top: the newly weds- Win and Einar
Bottom: Bry, me and Marco

He stayed with us over the weekend before flying back to Manila. After he left, his sister, Cindy messaged me in facebook, she thanked us for having Bry over. We started chatting, she invited us to her June wedding in Italy, Marco said why not.. The rest is history!

It was only during the bachelorette party that I met Cindy, the bride, for the 1st time. But we have been chatting in facebook since December.

I like meeting people and I love making friends. And I find it amazing when friendships and relationships are built from nothing but pure kindness.


Day 4 –

Cindy and Vinz’s wedding day!

Cindy and Vinz’ Wedding ceremony was held at¬†Fabbrica Di San Domenico in Molfetta. It was an easy 10-minute walk from our airbnb to the venue, so along with some friends, we walked the streets of Molfetta in our heels and formal attires.

With my trophy husband ūüėČ

Cindy requested that the women wear floral gowns in pastel colors.

And the Wedding ceremony started..

The groom with his mom.

The De Laurentiis nuptials at Fabbrica di San Domenica

The happy bride and groom.

Congratulations Cindy and Vinz!!!

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!!!

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. De Laurentiis!

From the ceremony, we all boarded a bus to head to the Wedding reception at Lady Tiffany Ricevimenti in Ruvo di Puglia. 

We arrived at the reception venue, greeted by waiters with wine and aperitivo.

The newlyweds arrived..

Their first toast as husband and wife.

We were then ushered to move to the garden for the 2nd course..

With MJ and Marios.

With the newlyweds and Bry, the bride’s brother.

The newlyweds with their friends.
Very interesting how small the world is- 2 of the guests,
Berna and Giz are friends of common friends.
Berna used to work with my sister in Bahrain,
and Giz and I are under the same pageant mentor in Manila! ‚̧

After appetizers, we went inside to the ballroom to continue the wedding party.

The wedding was filled with incredibly delicious food, non-stop flowing wine, dancing, speeches, games, love, and laughter. Italians and Filipinos from all over the world, all together to celebrate the union of two wonderful people.

Let’s go back to the “incredibly delicious food.”

So, it’s pretty damn crazy.¬†We found out that Northern Italian weddings are very different from Southern Italian weddings. In the south, they have course.. after course.. after course. Plates and plates of food are all you see, and there is nothing more beautiful in this world than to be served amazing Italian dishes!

At Cindy and Vinz’ wedding, we had about 12 courses. After each plate, I thought I could not eat anymore, until they set the next course in front of me and instantly the fullness was gone, ready to devour yet another plate.

After a few courses, they make everyone dance. EVERYONE. Exhausted, you sit down, and voila! The next course is served right in front of you. And of course, we stuffed our faces endlessly.

We slipped out to take a breather from the dancing. ;P
Oldies be like, “waitttt…”

We were then asked to move to the pool area. It was time for desserts, more alcohol, and more dancing.

Top: Bry and Berna
Bottom: Fu, Cindy (the bride changed from her wedding gown to her party dress), me

With the beautiful bride.

Wubys with the newlyweds ‚̧

Top: Bry, Berna, MJ
Bottom: Cindy, me

And then there were fireworks..

More alcohol..

And, more dancing!

Congratulations Cindy and Vinz! We wish you everything ‚̧

Super tired, we went back to our airbnb and packed our bags. After 3 hours, the alarm went off and it was already 4 am, time to move our butts for our 4 hour train ride to Rome!

*Big thank you to Cindy and Vinz for allowing me to use photos from their pre-wedding events, wedding ceremony and wedding reception. 

*Thank you to Bry, Sissi and Carmela of Levelo Fotografia for sharing the beautiful photos that they have captured ‚̧



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